Let the “Church” Rise

Field Story from ADRN Emotional Care Team Volunteer
Central Texas Flood Relief, November 2 2013 


Frankly, I have lost count of how many families I have had the opportunity to meet with yesterday and today.  I do know that there is an overwhelming appreciation that ADRN and the Austin Church is out there caring for this community that has been so devastated by this flood.

One encounter particularly impacted me today. A young single mother with a a nine month old baby began sharing her story with me and it was very hard to keep my emotions in check.  She was very confused and scared as the water began entering her rented home, not knowing what she should do to protect her baby.  A neighbor came to her and assisted her in climbing up to the roof of his home to escape the rapidly rising and fast moving water.  In the confusion and fear of the moment this young mother did not think to grab anything but her baby boy, thus no clothes or diapers, no food, no documents, nothing.
Long hours siting on the roof, with no ability to change diapers or feed the baby was very stressful, plus when they could climb down she faced the realization that there was nothing left to retrieve.  This young woman had a job at an assisted living center, but her child care was provided by a neighbor, one that had also lost their house and is now evacuated thus creating a work dilemma. She lost her WIC (food support) card for the child, she lost her ID, her social security card, both their birth certificates, all personal documents.  She has spent the last two nights in the evacuation center as she has no family living in Texas.  She has no car, no phone and frankly was feeling there was no hope as she came to us today.
To say that there is tremendous need in this situation is an understatement, one that is both short and long term. I felt very privileged, but inadequate, as I met and prayed with this young lady, but of course the power and resources will come from the Lord. There are many other stories, each with unique aspects, but the in the end all need people to respond and come alongside and give them an assist during this difficult time.  What better time for the body of Christ to manifest care and love to those He loves.  I heard many expressions of gratefulness for the “Church” coming out and being there for this community.  I pray that we can continue to serve and care for these hurting families.
I hope this brief story provides some additional insight.
Steven Hieronymus