Join As An Individual

In and out of disaster response, Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) serves those in need. With the help of volunteers working along-side our efforts (Community Volunteer or ADRN Volunteer), survivors and those in crisis are able to receive relief through the compassion at the heart of EVERY volunteer serving within our organization. Choose your pathway to volunteer and help by #BringingHopeIntoCrisis.


Become an ADRN Volunteer

By joining ADRN's Network of Greater Austin Churches, an individual has the option to:

  • Advance through our special training program pathways
  • Work directly with survivors through various volunteer opportunities
  • Deploy with ADRN wearing our official ADRN Yellow T-Shirt and Badge recognized as an official identification during deployment
  • See below for additional Network benefits

ADRN Yellow T-Shirt and Badge will be available only to volunteers who complete online volunteer registration, agree to the Statement of Faith and complete an ADRN 3Hr Orientation and Preparedness course. (Volunteers with a sex offender offense on their record or convicted of any crimes against minors will not be able to receive an ADRN badge or an official ADRN yellow t-shirt).

After Individuals review and agree to ADRN's Statement of Faith, each individual may take the I AM Ready™ Basic Training and Orientation course to become an official, badged ADRN Volunteer.

Individuals that are NOT able to sign the ADRN Statement of Faith, may sign up as a Community Volunteer to help those impacted by disaster.

DUE to the Coronavirus Crisis, ADRN is pointing all new volunteers to complete our I AM Ready™ Basic Training and Orientation, which includes our Prayer Hotline Training as Step 1 to become an ADRN volunteer. Click on the button below. Thank you!



Sign Up As A Community Volunteer

Anyone from the community is welcome to sign up as a Community Volunteer at any time, in or out of disaster response, without joining into the Network. In disaster, Community Volunteers who share our compassion to help those in crisis are essential to the response impact we have in meeting survivor needs quickly and efficiently.

If you are a business, corporation, group or organization you can sign up in these areas to help:

  • Community Volunteer Sign Up - Sign up to serve in Clean-Up as needed, Donation Assistance or where it is needed most
  • Warehouse/Donations - Help receive survivor supplies and donations
  • Volunteer Meals at HQ - Prepare, serve, and/or host a meal to serve volunteers and those helping during disaster response

When you click below, you can select what areas of services you would like to volunteer and we will connect you with the opportunities as they become available.



The following trainings are available to everyone:

Certification of course completion will be given to anyone that completes a certified course.

Central Texas Red Cross is an alternate option for service to the community during disaster



Once you join as an Individual you become an official ADRN Volunteer. As an ADRN Volunteer, you can expect to receive the following:

  • A platform to deploy quickly and effectively to bring relief to the hurting
  • A Photo ID Badge and Credentialing recognizable by local governments and agencies
  • Invitations to participate in various ADRN Events, including Disaster Drills, and our Annual Training Conference.
  • Personal and Family Preparedness Training Opportunities
  • A training pathway to equip you emotionally, spiritually and physically, including Nationally Certified Courses
  • Access to a database that tracks your progress in training and preparedness
  • Emergency Broadcast System communication to warn and activate ADRN volunteers in times of emergency through mass text, voicemail and email
  • Updates of valuable preparedness information via our monthly E-Newsletter
  • Opportunity to connect and mobilize with a united Body of Christ

For more information about joining the network, please email Sharon Collier.