Join as an Organization


The Austin Disaster Relief Network is asking your church, ministry or business to join this network to better server Greater Austin in the name of Christ. For additional information, please email the Network Development Team and watch the following "About ADRN" video.

Austin Disaster Relief Network is open to all Christian churches, non-profit organizations and businesses that are willing to mobilize and walk alongside FEMA, the Red Cross, the City of Austin and other government and non-government agencies to compliment and assist their efforts in serving during times of great need.


Meet with ADRN Leadership. Because we are a network of relationships, it is important for us to meet personally with churches that join. Typically, this is done individually with churches but when responding to disaster, we will schedule a greater gathering for multiple churches to come together. For more information, please contact the Network Development Team.


Take a moment to read through ADRN’s Statement of Faith. Then, click on the Registration link below to fill out ADRN's JOIN THE NETWORK form (takes 5-10 minutes). This will give us vital information needed to register you properly, and to share resources as a network when responding to crisis. By filling out this form you are stating that your church agrees with the Statement of Faith.
Note: This form is not for volunteers, but church leaders only.