Equip. Engage. Empower. Encounter.

The I AM Ready™ program equips and empowers volunteers through skills training, deployable volunteer response roles, and personal preparedness levels. The program provides opportunities for volunteers to reach maximum preparedness for themselves, their family, their neighbors, or as leaders as they fulfill the desires of their hearts to serve Christ and the church in times of disaster.

Yellow Shirt IconEquip God’s people.

Empower volunteers through readiness training and preparedness.

Engage with those impacted by disaster by offering relief through the love of Christ as God’s hands and feet.

Encounter God as He brings hope into crisis.


IAR Levels

When you train with the I AM Ready™ Program, you'll have access to:

  • Clear levels of training that open the doors to volunteer response roles in and out of deployment;
  • An interactive Volunteer Portal to easily track personal progress, register for training (on-demand or in-person), and complete coursework online.
  • Opportunities to go further than ever before with the addition of leadership training courses and actions to lead others in and out of disaster;
  • Enhanced opportunities for spiritual preparedness and growth
  • Make a personal impact for your church's Life-Sustaining Church™ goals for success as you advance; and
  • Preparedness to be ready in advance before disaster strikes.

I AM Ready™ Basic Training and Orientation


Take the first step in your I AM Ready™ training and become a badged ADRN Volunteer. The I AM Ready™ Basic Training and Orientation will give you an introduction to ADRN and the training we provide, a volunteer roadmap for training and service, badging/credentials, how emergency response works in Greater Austin, and steps towards individual/family preparedness.

You can participate in I AM Ready™ Basic Training and Orientation in two ways:

In-Person: We offer live training all over town throughout the year. Sign up for a training near you and we'll see you there!

Online On-Demand: You can start the course right now when you create your Volunteer Portal account. View the training online at your convenience.

Overview of I AM Ready Pathways

Physical Trainings

Through our Physical Training program, ADRN offers training in preparedness to equip volunteers, families and individuals to better serve their community in times of crisis or in disaster. Take the next step through the Volunteer Portal!

Emotional Trainings

Following the impact of disaster, families struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives. Survivors are in need of immediate emotional and spiritual care to help walk them through next steps - bringing clarity in the midst of a very difficult time as they realize they are unable to cope. Cultivate compassion with a visit to the Volunteer Portal.

 Spiritual Trainings

Our Spiritual trainings are designed to prepare our and minds for times of crisis and to empower us to walk in the peace that surpasses understanding, bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to our community. Find out more and get started at the Volunteer Portal.