Hurricane Laura Response Press Release


Austin, TX, August 25, 2020 – As Galveston residents flee their homes to escape Hurricane Laura, the Austin Disaster Relief Network announced today plans to mobilize its network of trained and badged volunteers to help evacuees settle into local hotels and take shelter from the storm. Working in collaboration with the City of Austin Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM), Travis County and the Central Texas Red Cross, ADRN’s volunteers, or “yellow shirts,” will assist with hotel registration and administrative tasks beginning Tuesday evening. They will also provide toiletries, hygiene kits, and clothing as needed, as well as emotional and spiritual support. Under the Capital Area Shelter Hub Plan (CASH-P), an agreement among Williamson/Travis/Hays counties and the City of Galveston/Galveston County, evacuees can stay in the Austin area until the storm passes and it’s safe to return to their homes. Officials have decided to house evacuees in individual hotel rooms instead of congregant shelters like schools or a convention center to minimize exposure to COVID-19.

Hurricane Laura is expected to make landfall near the Texas/Louisiana border late Wednesday evening. In response to the imminent threat, Galveston city officials have ordered a mandatory evacuation, and over one hundred cars and a few buses are already on their way to Austin.

“We are very concerned for the families in Galveston, Beaumont, and the entire Gulf Coast Region,” ADRN Executive Director Daniel Geraci said. “Many of these communities have just recovered from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey or Tropical Storm Imelda, which dumped nearly 4 feet of rain. A storm of this magnitude could have a devastating impact on families who’ve recently rebuilt their homes and lives. We’re praying for them, and we’re prepared to offer physical, emotional and spiritual support.”

ADRN continues to monitor the impact of Hurricane Laura and will provide additional support to storm survivors as needed. For more information on the ADRN response to Hurricane Laura, go to

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