Prayer Hotline Pathway #2

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Prayer Hotline Operator!

You have chosen Pathway #2 because you have completed ADRN's Orientation training, signed our Statement of Faith and received an official ADRN badge.  If this is correct, please continue on this page. IF you are not a badged ADRN volunteer,  please click here to go back to Pathway #1.

All Prayer Hotline Volunteers MUST BE an official ADRN Volunteer before they can sign-up for a shift on the Prayer Hotline.


I AM Ready Prayer Hotline Training - for existing ADRN Volunteers ONLY

This 2hr training will give you the emotional and spiritual care tools you need to impact the lives of every person you talk to on the Prayer Hotline.  All ADRN Yellow badged and White badged volunteers qualify to take this training.

There are 3 PHASES to the online registration process to become an ADRN Prayer Hotline Team member. To be properly vetted, we ask that the following steps be taken in the order listed.


1. Update your Online Profile:

Please update your online Profile Information at and sign in using your User Name and Password. 

2. Write Down Your User ID#: 

While in your ADRN account (, click on the "Basic Info" tab and look for your User ID# at the top left corner of this page (look for USERID). You will need the User ID# in order to take the I AM Ready Orientation & Hotline Training QUIZ.

3. Complete ADRN Background Check

ADRN is asking all existing volunteers to re-do their background check. Thank you!

4. Make a $10 donation

Donation covers the cost of your ADRN Background Check (not required but it covers our costs).

5. Confidentiality Agreement

Complete the online ADRN Confidentiality Agreement. ADRN has updated this form so we are asking all volunteers to re-sign the agreement.  Thanks for your patience!

6. Register for Training

Register for the I AM Ready Orientation & Prayer Hotline Training (very short form) - after you complete this short form and we have verified that you have completed the 6 steps, an email will be sent to you with the links to the online ADRN I AM Ready Prayer Hotline training video and quiz. Note: It may take up to 1hr to receive an email from ADRN. Thank you!


After you receive the email mentioned above, follow these instructions:

1. Watch online ADRN I AM Ready Orientation & Prayer Hotline training video.

Watch and complete the online training video that is emailed to you.  It is recommended that you take the quiz as you watch the videos.

2. Take Quiz

Complete the online I AM Ready Orientation & Prayer Hotline Training Quiz.

3. Complete the online Course Evaluation.

Take a few minutes to complete the course evaluation. After completing all 3 steps in this phase, you are now an official ADRN Prayer Hotline Team member. Congratulations!  An email will be sent to you to give you next steps for PHASE III - Preparation for Your Shift. This email may take as long as 4hrs due to the verification process and background check clearances (24-48 hrs on weekends). Thanks for your patience!


After you receive the email mentioned above, follow these instructions:

1. Sign-up for Prayer Hotline Operator Shift 

2. Review Resource Documents (provided for you in Phase III)

3. Download and Get to Know Zulu Software

Download the Zulu Software for either your phone or computer - this will be your virtual call center phone. The software download link will be emailed to you as “Download & Login Details for Prayer Hotline"  

If you don't receive the email within 4 hours during business hours or 24 hours on the weekend, please check your spam folder or call ADRN's Call Center HOTLINE number at 512.806.0800 (Monday-Saturday, 9AM-6PM).

4.  It's the Big Day!  Review Your Shift Routine 

NOTE: We apologize for the inconvenience of asking you to complete a background check and/or confidentiality if you have completed one within a year.  Due to the short-time frame of launching this training, we were not able to come up with a better solution.  May the Lord bless you for your patience!