Highland Lakes Crisis Network

Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) is providing support for the Highland Lakes Crisis Network (HLCN), a newly formed church network in the Highland Lakes area of Central Texas. HLCN is modeling their disaster recovery after ADRN’s visionary model, launched in 2009.  ADRN’s #1 goal is to sponsor families impacted by disaster through the local church, meeting their emotional, spiritual and physical short and long-term needs. ADRN is providing their Shepherd Training to HLCN volunteers, implementing the Shepherd program, which will empower volunteers to walk alongside of survivors during the recovery process.


Steps to DRS (Disaster Relief Shepherd) Online Training

1. Watch video (view power point below while watching the video):

2. Follow this PowerPoint while watching the online training video: D12-T09-N019 ADRN DRS Training Presentation Rev Current 

3. View Additional Videos ‘What To Do as a DRS’ and ‘What Not To Do as a DRS’

"What TO DO as a DRS"  DRS educational video to learn what is appropriate in conversation with Family in Need ( FIN ).

"What NOT TO DO as a DRS" DRS educational video to learn what is NOT appropriate in conversation with Family in Need ( FIN ).


4. Review Training Packet of Materials (Docs # 2 - 18):

5. Take online test: CLICK HERE

6. Complete a Background Check: CLICK HERE

7. Once you have completed watching the video, taking the test and completing a Background Check application, please email shepherdsupport@adrntx.org and they will start the process to connect you to a survivor family.

8. Send all questions and inquiries to shepherdsupport@adrntx.org.



How to fill out a ADRN's Disaster Assistance Application and use Charity Tracker (online step-by-step)


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