A Story of Inspiration for Volunteers of all Ages

As a teenager, Hannah Legler was hungry to serve the lord by serving others through volunteer opportunities. Her attempts were thwarted several times by organizations who turned her away for being too young. And then she heard about ADRN at a preparedness conference.

“As a teen I struggled because I was too young to volunteer with many
organizations, but I really wanted to do Kingdom work.”

“I fell in love with the organization almost immediately,” she said. “I loved the vision they had for serving the community, and I really wanted to do Kingdom work.”

Encouraged by ADRN’s leaders to join the organization as a volunteer, Hannah signed up the next day for orientation. She took Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training a few weeks later and was deployed as a CISM volunteer to serve in the aftermath of a chemical explosion in West, TX shortly thereafter.“

I was in a unique position because I was able to work with the teenagers there who were impacted by the explosion,” she said. “It worked out really well because they could relate to me. There was one 15-year-old boy who was directly impacted. Initially, he was tense and closed-off, but eventually he was able to process the experience with me and it seemed to help him a lot.”

Hannah has been serving with ADRN for almost 7 years now. “I fell in love with the organization almost immediately…I loved the vision they had for serving the community,” she said.

Hannah went on to share her heart for ministry.

“I serve with ADRN because I believe it’s a biblical mandate for us as Christians to be there for the ‘least of these.’ That’s what Jesus modeled when he was here on earth. He said, ‘whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me’.” (Mat. 25:40)

“That’s what we’re called to do as Christians…be examples of love. Jesus said that people will know we are his disciples because of our love for one another. That’s why I do what I do for ADRN.”

“This is a way to show Gods love in a way that’s unprecedented because you see such unity among the churches instead of it being just one church. You see unity that’s shocking for the community to see because so many times people see the church and it seems divided, but when we all show up as the

Church…it’s really powerful.”

“I see sharing hope with people as I have a hope within me because Jesus is my Lord and savior – a way to share that is in some of the darkest moments of people’s lives when they are hurting…it’s a time when they look up and ask, ‘God, where are you, what’s happening and why are you doing this to me?’.”

“It’s in those moments we can come in and share what God’s faithfulness looks like event through storms and suffering.”