Disaster Relief Shepherd (DRS) Training

 Course Overview

The Disaster Relief Shepherd (DRS) is one of  the most important leadership positions in ADRN that a volunteer can fulfill within their church in times of disaster. The DRS role is to walk along-side a family, that has potentially lost everything, who needs a Good Samaritan to walk with them through the process of recovery, until their feet are back on the ground. We are honored by your willingness to step into what God is doing through ADRN and Local Austin Area Churches.

Course Details

Disaster Relief Shepherd Training (I AM Ready Level 2) – Course Time 2 hours:  This training will equip ‘Shepherds’ with the skills, knowledge, and plan to provide immediate and long-term assistance, that enables the survivor to re-establish a viable lifestyle. This position does not require that the Shepherd make any personal financial investment or invite surviving families into their home. This training is FREE. Completing ADRN's I AM Ready™ Basic Training & Orientation along with a Background Check is required to become a ADRN Disaster Relief Shepherd and receive an ADRN advanced trained white badge with SHEPHERD title.


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What's Next?

You will be notified by the ADRN Shepherd Support Team for your consideration to partner with them to shepherd and walk with a family until they are back on their feet.

Thank you for your time and effort you've invested to complete this training. One you have ompleted all the requirements, you will receive a new white badge with "SHEPHERD" title on it.