DIY Mask Production

The Need:

#1 - Complete 20,000 Face Mask Request Urgently Needed by Care Givers and Essential Personnel

Press Release - April 7, 2020, Austin, TX – In response to requests by the City of Austin and the Capital Area Medical Operations Center (CAMOC), the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) today announced the launch of a drive aimed at collecting more than 20,000 homemade face masks. DIY face masks are urgently needed amid the growing threat of COVID-19 and new evidence from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggesting that asymptomatic people can spread the virus.

Status Report:  We are 1/2 way complete (4/22)

Greater Austin residents making masks are urged to follow the guidelines provided by the CDC

Donated face masks will be distributed by the City of Austin and CAMOC to care givers and essential personnel throughout the City of Austin, Travis County and the 11 counties under the Capital Area Trauma Regional Advisory Council (CATRAC).

“We’ve been told by the City of Austin, CAMOC and CATRAC that the need for DIY face masks is immediate,” Daniel Geraci, Executive Director of ADRN, said. “We are mobilizing our network of churches to create task forces to recruit, equip and implement DIY face mask creation. We are also believing in faith that thousands of people will rise up to the challenges of making and donating these urgently needed homemade masks.”

To reopen public spaces in our communities, while limiting transmission of the COVID-19 virus, wearing face masks will be strongly recommended, if not required (as in Travis County).  Government leaders have asked ADRN to help provide personal use face masks to help ensure there are ample resources as we transition out of quarantine, especially for those in under-resourced areas.

The Goal:  Equip 100-200 congregations to provide over 50,000 - 1,000,000 masks for our general public and community members. How? 100 to 200 congregations mobilizing to create 100 to 200 masks per week each. The love, service, and generosity of local congregations will ensure over 1,000,000 people in Greater Austin Area will have potentially life-saving reusable masks. This number is above and beyond the 20,000 masks requested from the CAMOC.

Ways to Participate - Church Leaders

Below are the ways you can help.  For details about the processes and responsibilities involved with the various opportunities please see guides provided in the Resource section below. Financial contributions to support the purchase of supplies and materials can be made online.  Please designate your donation for "Masks For All".

    • Donate Funds

    • Donate Masks, Supplies or Materials

    • Produce Masks

         Create from scratch with your material or use a pre-made Mask KIT

    • Serve as a Mask Drop-off Site

        Collecting & Delivering to a Distribution Site

    • Serve as a Mask Distribution Site

         Receiving & Distributing to Recipients

Next Steps

    1. Appoint a Contact Person

    2. Sign Up with the Online Response Form

    3. You Will be Contacted for Coordination

    4. Get Info from the Resources and FAQs

    5. Use the Promo Tools to Engage Others

To get started, sign up using using the link below. Once you have completed the form, return to this page to access the resource guides with recommended instructions for the various aspects of participation and promotional materials you can use to with your congregation or organization.

Resources Guides

    Supply & Material Donation Guide

    Mask Production Guide

    Mask Drop-off Site Guide

    Mask Distribution Site Guide   

Material Needed – We have production happening now

Share with your congregation the need for material

    • Tight weave cotton or polyester blend
    • 100% cotton with thread count greater than 120
    • Preferably ½ yard minimums
    • Yes, new or lightly used sheets are great!
    • Color or pattern is not a concern


Initiate DIY Mask production at your church


1st way to Engage – Share the opportunity to serve from home!

  • Church provides DIY Mask KITS with congregation
  • All materials provided by ADRN – 10 masks per KIT
  • Materials needed for individual to assemble mask
    • Iron / Sewing machine
    • Thread
    • Time J
  • Pick-up and delivery can be provided if needed


2nd way to Engage – CREATE Mask KIT Production from your church

  • Coordinate small groups and individuals to CUT & PACKAGE material
  • Kits are complete with printed instruction and all supplies needed
    • 10 – Mask linings
    • 10 – Mask fronts
    • 10 – Metal nose pieces
    • 20 – Ear loops
    • 1 – Instruction sheet –
    • Anyone can do this from home & see website


3rd way to Engage – MASK PRODUCTION at your church

  • Coordinate leadership and serve teams to produce KITS & MASKS at your church
  • Provide community HUB for Mask Pick-up & Drop-off of KITS
  • ADRN provides tools and training for your leadership team
    • Safety Guidelines and check-in procedure per CDC regulations
    • Shift recommendations and SERVE App training
    • All Step-by-Step instruction for onsite productions teams
    • Materials as donated and available
    • All completed Masks will be picked up by ADRN for proper cleaning. We are partnered with REID Cleaners who will launder, press and package for distribution.
  • Church expectations
    • Communicate with congregation the need for material donations
    • Identify Team leaders and location at your site
    • Set up site visit with ADRN leadership team
    • Identify your time of operation
    • Engage volunteers


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