Hurricane Laura & Hurricane Delta Response

With the devastation left in the wake of Hurricanes Laura and Delta, ADRN has launched the Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta Relief Fund dedicated to those impacted by the storms. This fund will raise money for cleaning up and rebuilding homes in the hurricanes' aftermath, and will also provide emergency supplies for survivors and evacuees including toiletries, hygiene kits, and gift cards. Your tax-deductible donation gives hope as people return to their homes and get back on their feet.


  • For those impacted or displaced by these storms, and for those who have lost homes or loved ones;
  • For first responders, community leaders, and for the many volunteer efforts taking place;
  • For the resources that the survivors need; and
  • For the love of Christ to be demonstrated and declared through the local Church.



  • Donate to the ADRN Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta Relief Fund – all donations will go directly to support the greatest needs of those affected and the long term efforts through the local Church;
  • Donate to a disaster relief fund in your church supporting volunteer teams and resources; or
  • Send funds to a gift card drive to offer direct assistance to those affected.


  • Build Care Kits or Hygiene Kits (instructions below) and bring them to one of our three drop-off locations;
  • Encourage your church to become a Care Kit/Hygiene Kit drop off location; and
  • Join with other able-bodied individuals to serve with ADRN partners in Lake Charles, Louisiana.


Opportunities To Serve On-Site

With thousands of people impacted by Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta, our partnering organizations in Lake Charles need lots of volunteers to help.

Here are some of the current needs:

  • Chain saw crews to help with fallen trees
  • Tarping crews to help with damaged/destroyed roofs
  • Cleanup teams for mucking out flooding damaged
  • Feeding teams to serve those who've been displaced

>> Click for details on serving in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Damage from Hurricane Laura

Build a CARE KIT or HYGIENE KIT for individuals or families impacted by disaster

When disaster strikes, survivors need immediate supplies to get back on their feet. The CARE KIT becomes an incredibly valuable gift for any person that has lost everything. ADRN needs 5,000 care kits to send to the most impacted communities on the Texas and Louisiana coast. Drop off information provided on the attached document below.

>> Download ADRN Care Kit Instructions (PDF) 

Many survivors have to evacuate their homes in a hurry, leaving everyday needed items behind. A HYGIENE KIT can be a lifesaver through the first few days, when everything else is unsure. Build a hygiene kit for current hurricane survivors and help ADRN have supplies ready for the next disaster response.

>> Download ADRN Hygiene Kit Instructions (PDF)

Community Businesses

We have opportunities for community businesses to partner with us in support of the communities impacted by Hurricanes Laura and Delta.

To coordinate volunteers from your company, email us at

For fund matching and other donation opportunities, contact us here.