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Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) is a network of churches and trained volunteers who partner with businesses, ministries and local partners who share a passion for others in times of great need. No matter how big or small the crisis, ADRN responds to meet the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of individuals seeking assistance. Deploying in times of need, ADRN's Call Center (Survivor Hotline: 512.806.0800) and trained volunteers in the field provide vital resources to comfort and bring immediate relief to hurting families and those affected in our community.


How ADRN Helps in Times of Disaster

Our primary goal is to sponsor families affected by disaster, great or small. In times of disaster, ADRN coordinates, deploys and organizes resources to help provide emergency assistance to include the following services to those affected:

  1. Temporary shelter within churches on the network
  2. Warehousing and distribution of goods
  3. Emotional/spiritual care teams (crisis intervention) and Chaplains,
  4. Emergency call center ( Survivor Hotline and General Info 512.806.0800)
  5. Clean-up Teams
  6. Volunteer Management
  7. Long-term care through sponsoring families affected by disaster to meet their emotional, spiritual and physical needs
  8. Emergency financial support for food, clothing, emergency housing
    and emergency transportation

View ADRN's list of support for Survivor Assistance.

Volunteering in Times of Disaster

During times of disaster, volunteers are greatly needed to help in various areas of ADRN's response to aid survivors affected. ADRN, and our network of churches, have thousands of trained volunteers ready to provide emotional, spiritual and physical needs to those affected by disaster. During deployment, general volunteers from the community, business groups, youth groups, organizations and partnering churches are greatly appreciated in the areas of clean-up, warehouse support and to help assist flood families shop in ADRN's Hope Family Thrift Store. It is not required that general community volunteers be part of a church on ADRN's network. To help maximize volunteer hours donated to disaster efforts, some corporations offer Corporate Matching Programs (company list) - often giving a donation for hours their employees give to volunteer to local non-profit organizations. View more on HOW YOU CAN HELP.

Giving to Aid Families in Times of Disaster

During ADRN's response to disasters, great or small, giving in the form of in-kind and monetary gifts are greatly needed to help support our mission to assist those directly affected providing for their short-term and long-term needs. ADRN, and our network of churches in Greater Austin, sponsor families through long-term recovery, until each family or individual is back on their feet. The process can last 3-4 months and up to 1-2 years depending on each person's situation, loss of home, repair/rebuilding plan and the devastation they experienced.

ADRN's "Sponsor A Family" program places families seeking support with a church on our network who walks alongside them to meet their emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Each survivor will be given short-term financial assistance in the form of gift cards to meet their immediate needs such as hotel, gas, food, clothing, etc and assisted in the areas of long-term planning to help clean-up, prepare and align the repair/rebuilding of their homes. The repair/rebuilding phase is where the funding is greatly needed. After the initial response to the disaster, often times the agencies who first responded leave within the first two weeks to a month. ADRN is there for the long-term process to coordinate the continuation volunteer efforts, organizations who come in to rebuild, provide building materials (through funds received) and help families have a new home. Warehouses are opened, to collect in-kind items and donations to help families furnish their homes and provide items to provide for their families (shoes, clothes, cleaning supplies, kitchen and household items, etc).

Partner with ADRN

Austin Disaster Relief Network is always looking for businesses, organizations, and community partners who will help in our efforts. Read more on Join the Network or Partner with ADRN.

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