ADRN Aids Flood Families

Posted April 30, 2014

The historic devastation from the Central Texas floods affected a reported 1,100 homes. The most heavily impacted neighborhoods in South Austin were Dove Springs and Onion Creek, with Pflugerville having reported significant damage to a few homes.

FEMA has reported 100 homes did not have insurance and need to be rebuilt. Since the floods, ADRN has been collaborating with government agencies, relief organizations, and local businesses to build momentum and support for the rebuilding efforts.

Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) pledged to fund the material costs along with ADRN covering the skilled labor costs for minimally 30+ homes. In addition to funding, CAM volunteer labor worked with ADRN to rebuild 25 homes that have been completed to date.

Rebuilding Progress To-Date ( posted April 30th):

  • CAM has currently completed 25 homes.
  • CAM has been bringing in 15-20 volunteers per week for the repair work ( THANK YOU ).
  • The Austin Repair Coalition, a coalition of 5 local ministries, is receiving funding from the City of Austin to repair up to 55 homes ( $15k per home ). They have started repair work of these homes and expect to be done by the end of June.


During the relief efforts hundreds of families affected by the floods reached out to ADRN and asked us to connect them with a Disaster Relief Shepherd (DRS) from one of our network churches.

Sponsoring Progress To-Date ( posted April 30th ):

  • Over 500 families were given immediate financial assistance.
  • Over 368 families have been connected with a Shepherd and are working alongside an ADRN network church on a weekly basis to provide assistance and help meet their long-term physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, including replacing lost belongings, housing, transportation needs, and repairing of their homes.
  • ADRN is continuing to train and equip new DRS’s and challenging network churches to adopt the remaining families, so that every need is met ( Acts 4:32-35 ).


At this time, there is no need for funds or building supplies.  There is still a need for furniture and household items.  To make a donation, please email

HELP REBUILD HOMES ( Skilled Labor Needs )
At this time, there are no needs for skilled or unskilled labor.

Please pray for those affected by the floods, for ADRN volunteers in the field, and all those who are assisting the families in the flooded areas.