Coronavirus Information – Updates Copy

ADRN's Response to the Coronavirus

Right now, ADRN is gearing up for its largest response in our 11-year history. I am urging you to deploy with us at some capacity in the coming days, whether virtual or in person, because we will need many volunteers. Here is an update on our potential next steps along with upcoming deployment opportunities:


      • The launch of a Virtual Prayer Hotline. We're taking our Call Center virtual to enable volunteers to receive calls from their homes so they can pray with Austinites experiencing fear, anxiety, worry, etc. We are also developing a new online Prayer Hotline training that will equip Christians with the tools and processes needed to love on and pray for those who call in. We hope you will join the Call Center deployment team! Please let us know your interest by filling out this short interest form. We hope to have the online training ready before the weekend and launch the Prayer Hotline in the coming days.
      • Food sorting, prep and delivery. Currently, ADRN is assisting the Central Texas Food Bank in finding 5-6 churches that can become food prep sites in order to supply their mobile food banks with needed food. Each prep site will have volunteer needs you can help fulfill.
      • Material and supply donations. We're working to provide much-needed materials and supplies to churches working with the Central Texas Food Bank. ADRN is also providing supplies to our local government and supporting the Texas Department of Emergency Management.
      • The Launch of a Virtual Training Room. We'll be taking many of our trainings online, including ADRN's new Call Center Training, Basic Training & Orientation, CISM Training and our Spiritual Trainings, to better equip the Church without any delays.
      • The Launch of a Virtual Prayer Room. HOPE Prayer Room is gearing up to provide prayer and worship virtually with worship and prayer leaders providing live worship and prayer from their homes through HPR's website. (If you are a worship leader and would like to help, please email HPR provides needed prayer behind ADRN's deployment efforts.
      • Equipping new disaster relief networks. ADRN's National division is also preparing to provide essential tools for new networks that have formed and for those in the process of being formed.


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