Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

Following the impact of disaster, families struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives. Survivors are in need of immediate emotional and spiritual care to help walk them through next steps - bringing clarity in the midst of a very difficult time as they realize they are unable to cope. CISM training equips our volunteers with techniques and coping mechanisms to assist survivors in trauma and help move them into recovery.

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Emotional Care Support (CISM)

Training Pathway: Emotional Response 

It is highly recommended (but not required) that volunteers desiring to complete Advanced training start with either Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) or Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training.

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM+) with Spiritual Enhancements

Course Time:  14 Hours (Held Over 2 Days)
Simulation:  Hands On Experience to Apply Tools Learned
Cost:  $95.00*  / Scholarship pricing available
Pre-Requirements:   NA
Age Restrictions: Recommended for teens 16 years of age and above
Certification: Internationally Recognized Certification (complete 14 hours)
ADRN Training Level Advancement: RC Level 2**

*Regular Cost is $95 for all non-ADRN participants (those who have not attended ADRN Orientation). All badged ADRN Volunteers qualify to take this training at no cost.

Course Description

CISM training is presented by ADRN’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). CISM Training helps people in all times of crisis and when called to the mission field. This training will equip volunteers to deal with the mental, emotional and spiritual issues most people encounter in times of disaster, including trauma, learning crisis intervention techniques and much more. All participants will receive a certificate of completion after 14 hours of course time. CISM is an internationally recognized training. Scholarship pricing available.

Expiration Badging Program

ADRN will be implementing an expiration procedure within our badge certification renewal program. This program will insure that those deploying to the field would be the most qualified and proficient in how they serve. In doing so our CIT Teams maintain credibility with other CISM response programs, local agencies and authorities.

Beginning September 15, 2018 a three-year certification renewal program will be activated. This requires all volunteers to review and assess their current CISM status and make necessary adjustments in order to meet the new standards of ADRN certification. Those trained prior to January 2016 have until August 2019 to achieve background check clearance, update certification requirements, and submit results. Those trained after January 2016 have until December 2019 to achieve background check clearance, update certification requirements, and submit results. Results need to be emailed to

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Watch the video below to witness ADRN's Emotional Care support offered to survivors following disaster.


**RC = Levels within ADRN's Volunteer Training Program

Note: Most courses listed require volunteers to login. Login access is provided to our volunteers after completion of ADRN’s Orientation and Preparedness course. Online registration and payment for classes in advance can prevent an additional $20 administrative fee added to payments received at the door.




2018 Dates and Locations


Dates: May 11 & 12
Location: Riverbend Church
4214 Capital of Texas Highway, Austin, TX 78746


Dates: August 24 & 25
Location: TBD


Dates: November 9 & 10
Location: Grace Bible Church
2100 Shell Road, Georgetown, TX 78728