Floods: ADRN Response Update

ADRN FIELD UPDATE/NEEDS: 105 homes with major flood damage in three areas within Travis County (Thoroughbred Farms area, Dove Springs and Tucker Hill/River Road) Families are asking ADRN for gift cards, hotel vouchers and beyond so minimally we are estimating to spend $50k over the next 3-5 days to support emergency needs of survivors ADRN teams are deployed in the field assisting survivors, providing emotional care and meeting their immediate financial needs. HAM Radio teams are in the field for communication efforts Logistics and ADRN leadership are coordinating additional volunteer opportunities to relieve some of the teams in the field. For additional deployments, click here >> Clean-up efforts are underway. Volunteers needed to help >>   Give to help ADRN support the needs of families. An estimated 50K is needed to help meet immediate needs, emergency groceries, gas and housing. Minimally $200,000 will be needed to help rebuild/repair and clean up surivovrs’ homes seeking assistance. TEXT “AUSTINRELIEF” to 444999 or CLICK HERE TO GIVE >>

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