Badge Expiration Program – CISM


Training Pathway: Emotional Response 

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM+) with Spiritual Enhancement

Thank you for your heart to minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of survivors of disaster. Our goal is to have a well-trained CIT Team (Crisis Incident Team), refreshed and prepared in CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) Training, who is confident and ready to respond at any given time. ADRN has implemented a training refreshment program that keeps the volunteer training skills current and fresh. When you refresh your skills every 3 years you will become re-certified in your training. This program will insure that those deploying to the field are the most qualified and proficient in how they serve. In doing so our CIT Teams maintain credibility with other CISM response programs, local agencies and authorities.
Please note that ADRN CISM Training has been upgraded to meet national standards in order to effectively serve those in trauma. To maintain these standards we request our volunteers to refresh their training every 3 years.


Beginning September 2018 a three-year CISM certification renewal program was activated. We request that all volunteers review and assess their current CISM status and make necessary adjustments in order to meet the new standards of ADRN certification. You will need to apply for and clear a new background check and update certification requirements stated below.

We realize, that as professionals, many ADRN Volunteers use CISM skills in their home, workplace, church and community, which keeps their skills fresh and ready to respond at any given time.  However, if you find you your certification is expired at a time when you would like to deploy with us, no problem.  You can still respond, in a support administrative role, in times of deployment until you do re-certify.  But if you want to deploy as a CISM responder we encourage you to re-certify now when it's easy, fast and at your fingertips.

The best time to get prepared is before disaster strikes! For your convenience you can do all the steps right here today! Once you complete all the steps below your Past Training Profile tab will be updated automatically.  You will not receive a new badge unless you have also completed another training that is not currently on your badge.

Refreshing your training today will keep you prepared, confident and ready to respond. Thank you again for your heart to be prepared and ready to serve. If you have any questions please email

Sharon Collier
ADRN Training Director



Complete 5 Steps for Certification Renewal

Quick Overview

  • By expiration date shown on your training profile
  • Then every 3 years thereafter
  • To be refreshed, prepared and trained with the most current information
  • To maintain credibility with National CISM Program
  • To maintain credibility with local agencies and authorities
  • To receive updated CISM status in your training profile


Need Support? Have Questions before Registering?

Connect with our CISM Trainers and Leadership if you need support, have questions or concerns before registering for an upcoming training. Click the link below and a team member will connect with you soon.

Contact our CISM Support Team








Dates: October 16 & 17
Location: Life Church, 1315 E. Woodview,  Leander, TX 78641