ADRN Teams Deploy to Aid Flood Survivors

ADRN Disaster Assessment teams were deployed late Friday, May 27th to assess the areas impacted in Central Texas after heavy rains caused flooding. After sending out assessment teams into the field, ADRN realized the impact was greater than initially reported. Thoroughbred Farms was significantly impacted. Initial assessment estimates 54 homes with Major Damage (over 18 inches, or under 18 inches but with structural damage). This is the same area that was impacted in the Oct 30th Flood of 2015. River Road and Tucker Hill are other areas there could be many homes impacted; we are still waiting for assessment reports.

Cleanup, Crisis Intervention, Chaplaincy and HAM Radio Communication teams deployed to help survivors and assess the damage to determine the coordination of clean-up and rebuild/repair needs. Clean up teams have been deployed since May 30th. Several areas of support are needed from volunteers. Click here to view all volunteer needs in response to this disaster >> or here on how you can help >>

Donations are greatly needed. More than $200,000 in funding is required for clean up, repair and temporary relief to support these families, including emergency hotel accommodations and gift cards for food and toiletries. Clean up and emotional/spiritual support teams are available to help survivors. Many of these families were impacted by the floods last year and are in need of our support. All survivors are being directed to ADRN’s headquarters to assistance or by calling the survivor hotline.

Survivors will also receive gently used clothing and household items from ADRN’s Hope Family Thrift Store at 1122 East 51st Street, Austin after meeting with a team member and receiving a Wristband from ADRN’s Emotional Care/Crisis Intervention Team (Disaster Assistance Center located at ADRN Headquarters).  Hope Family Thrift Store is open from 10AM-6PM, Monday-Saturday.  Hope Family Thrift Store is in need of the following donations: gently used men’s and boys clothing, new pillows, undergarments, linens and towels and with gently used household items.

To give to survivors of the May 2016 floods, click here >>