We’re excited to share some incredible things God has done through the Greater Austin Church so far this year. Since January 1st, He’s moved through ADRN to touch 1,087 lives impacted by disasters. He’s also building an exciting future for our network and around the nation. Thank you for supporting us through volunteering, donations, and prayer. As you stand in the gap with us, God gets the glory in our region and beyond. 

Read the complete 2022 Summer Director’s Letter here (PDF).

Central Texas Tornadoes Survivors, Paul and Ella Hawkin

Paul and Ella Hawkin survived Hurricane Harvy in 2017 but were hit again in March this year by a tornado that destroyed their home in Elgin, TX. Paul reflects on the two ADRN Shepherds who have walked alongside them through the recovery of these two disasters.

The Future of Greater Austin. Can You Imagine?

400 network churches and thousands more trained volunteers. Your church can be a part of this exciting future!  Email our staff at churchnetwork@adrntx.org.
Highly trained teams ready to deploy within every sector, and an online system capable of matching tens of thousands of survivors with Disaster Relief Shepherds to walk them through their recovery. Find out more about our Disaster Relief Shepherd Program adrn.org/shepherd-a-family.
12 Church sites will be ready to receive and give food away to thousands. Find out more on becoming a Life-Sustaining Church™ —adrn.org/life-sustaining-church.
Churches will be able to equip members to respond to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of survivors through on-demand, online courses. Visit the Volunteer Portal—portal.adrn.org.

Three Partners Who Help Us Achieve Greater Things. Thank You!

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APRIL 12, 2023