A Family’s Desperation

Field Story from the
Central Texas Floods
November 4 2013 

ADRN immediately responded today to a family’s urgent need for care and support. A mother and a father with four children approached ADRN’s emotional care teams to share their story. The family had mentioned that they had been living in their flooded, wet trailer since the floods happened last week. Cold, moldy and unbearable, the family found out there was help and came forward to seek assistance. The four young children were without baths and without warm or dry clothes. The families only way of transportation was a truck that was now filled with mud. They have very little food to no food over the last few days. The children were worn out, as they were now sick from the cold and wet conditions. ADRN immediately wrapped the baby and young child in warm blankets and took the family to get clothing and additional items.

So many are struggling like this family, unaware that there is help. More families have mentioned that they suffer diabetes and have not been able to receive their medications. Other elderly individuals are suffering from multiple medical ailments and have not received help. The need is significant. Families are feeling alone as if they are at a complete loss – home washed away, no vehicles, no clothing, all possessions lost.

We are moved and saddened by their stories, but know that there is hope. We will reach them one-by-one. The Lord will guide us and be our torch – revealing the light and hope that is coming!

Please pray for these families, for our teams, for donations…God Bless all those who are supporting our efforts and coming forward to offer aid!