Running 100 Miles For Hope: Seth’s Ultramarathon For ADRN

Seth, David, Jeremy
(from left to right) Seth, David, and Jeremy make their plans to run for hope

Would you run 100 miles to give someone hope?

Seth Fry, a police officer and resident of Buda, TX, is no stranger to running the race set before him. While most might shy away from a long trek, Seth embraces it. He’s made a hobby out of running in a number of races, some well over 50 miles long. This year, Seth and his team trained for a 100-mile ultramarathon scheduled for December 2020.

Sadly, the race was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of throwing in the towel, Seth and his teammates decided to run their 100 miles anyway. Inspired by his running partner Jeremy, Seth decided to use this race to raise funds for a cause for the first time. He wanted to help families in crisis and knowing that #HopeIsEssential for their recovery, he chose to support ADRN. More than 200 donors worked together to reach Seth’s goal to raise $5.00/mile!

Bundled up and hydrated, Seth, Jeremy, and David set out to finish what they started.

“I need to mention,” said Seth, “(my running partner) Jeremy was the heartbeat of this 100 miles, setting the pace and leading the way. Our support man, David Lee, was our compass and guide. Without these two, this would have been impossible.”

100 miles is a lot of ground to cover, even for a trained runner like Seth. But with his team working together and family cheering them on with homemade signs, every mile Seth ran meant he was able to bring hope to families who need it most.

“I love long distances because I learn the most at my end when I’m totally spent, and I’ve got nothing left,” said Seth. “Each race I find that end to be a little further than it was last time. Through the darkness, the cold, the miles and hours, hope lets me know the pain, cold, and darkness won’t last forever. Hope tells me, ‘Take that step! Put one foot in front of the other until you find what is warm and bright on the horizon.’”

“Through the darkness, the cold, the miles and hours, hope lets me know the pain, cold, and darkness won’t last forever.”

Seth and his team crossed the finish line completing a feat only a few dare to try. As the year comes to an end, Seth’s incredible story of generosity and determination reminds us of how powerful hope can be.

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100-mile run route
100-mile ultramarathon route